show 002 – grocery list

E – Hello Cruel World – A Man Called E (Polydor)

Grant Lee Phillips – We All Get A Taste – Mobilize (Zoe)
Joe Strummer – X-Ray Style – Rock Art And The X-Ray Style (Epitaph)
Johnny Cash – Mercy Seat – American III: Solitary Man (American)
Rebecca Gates – Lure And Cast – Ruby Series EP (Badman)
Momus – Finnegan The Folk Hero – Folktronic (Analog Baroque)

Mark Kozelek – If You Want Blood – What’s Next To The Moon (Badman)
Pamela Means – Mule (live) – Pearls (self)
Rufus Wainwright – California – Poses (Dreamworks)
Randy Kaplan – Many Times Over – Reborn As Bees (self)

John Wesley Harding – Bonny Bunch Of Roses – Trad Arr Jones (Appleseed)
Bruce Springsteen – Youngstown – The Ghost Of Tom Joad (Columbia)

Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega (A&M)

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