show 014 – the god show

Cat Stevens – On The Road To Find Out – Footsteps In The Dark (A&M)
Matthew Sweet – Divine Intervention – Girlfriend (Zoo)
Natalie Merchant – Build A Levee – Motherland (Elektra)
Dick Gaughan – Stand Up For Judas – A Different Kind Of Love Song
Johnny Cash – Man Who Couldn’t Cry – American Recordings (American)
Dan Bern – God Said No – New American Language (Messenger)
Jill Sobule – Lucy At The Gym – Pink Pearl (Beyond)
John Lennon – God – Anthology Box Set (Capitol)
George Harrison – My Sweet Lord – All Things Must Pass (Capitol)
Robyn Hitchcock – When I Was Dead – Live Death (A&M)
Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul – Pieces Of Me (East West)

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