show #112 – Myshkin

Myshkin brought two guitars with her tonight – a regular, and a really cute smaller one that she said was a tenor guitar.

She had this piece of paper she was looking at before we went on the air. When I got a closer look at it, I noticed that it was chock full of song titles – the page was literally covered with them. They are all her songs. A big sheet from which to draw from. And draw from she did – she played some amazing songs tonight. A great version of “Ruby Warbler”, and a new favorite of mine called “Gypsytown”.

Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers – Unearthed – Rosebud Bullets (Double Salt)

Myshkin live in-studio:
       School Kids
       King Of Kankakee
       Ruby Warbler
       The Dance

Myshkin – Apricot Tree – Why Do All The Country Girls Leave? (Binky)
Girlyman – Amaze Me – Amaze Me compilation (Rubberneck)
Jim Page – Everything Is Round – CD-R Sampler

Thanks to Myshkin for letting me make an mp3 of “Gypsytown” available. Click here to download it.

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