show #113 SUPAHBOWL

My friend The Unstoppable Todd C. Bayles joined me tonight on the mic, and we even took a call on the air! woot woot awww yeah. In between the music, it was all about us being clueless about the Superbowl.

The Decemberists – The Bachelor & The Bride – Her Majesty The Decemberists (Kill Rock Stars)
Adrianne – Bombshell – two song promo cd (self)
Stew – Hidden Track – Something Deeper Than These Changes (Smile)
Momus – Born To Be Adored – Little Red Songbook (Le Grande Magistery)
Jen Wood – Believe Her – no one knows where this is from… sorry.
Nina Nastasia – What She Doesn’t Know – Peel Acres May ’03 (BBC Radio)

Aimee Mann – Humpty Dumpty – Lost In Space (Superego)
Bon Voyage – The Third Marie – The Right Amount (Tooth & Nail)
Super XX Man – And I Again – Volume IV (Peek A Boo)
Ben Folds – Give Judy My Notice – Speed Graphic EP (iTunes exclusive)

Jon Brion – Gotta Start Somewhere – Meaningless (self)
John Vecchiarelli – My Own Design – Tiny Rooms (Denver Coffee Achievers)
Kate Maki – To Be Good – Confusion Unlimited (self)

Don’t forget to tune in next week’s program for Kate Maki and Ruth Minnikin!
And the Sunday after next we’ll have Brenda Weiler on the program!

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