show 119: Graham Lindsey

back for a new show after a few Sundays of vacation. Thanks for tuning in.

Sarah Harmer – Almost – All Of Our Names (Zoe/Rounder)
Be Good Tanyas – Rowdy Blues – Chinatown (Nettwerk)
David Piper – Musta Gone Wrong – All Our Angels Past (Trough)
Graham Lindsey – Emma Rumble – Famous Anonymous Wilderness (Catamount)

Graham Lindsey live:
        Hutch Jack Flats Rag
        My Museum Blues
         If I Was A Horse
         Everybody Sings A Lonesome Song

Graham Lindsey – Hey Hey – Famous Anonymous Wilderness (Catamount)
Josh Ritter – Snow Is Gone – Hello Starling (Signature Sounds)
Kristi Martel – Aged – The Mule (Sealed Lip)
Jill Sobule – Under The Disco Ball – The Folk Years: 2003-2003 (self)

Kristi Martel Phone Post

<lj-phonepost journalid='1527843' dpid='1183' />

Click on the above link to hear singer/songwriter Kristi Martel talk about her brand new cd “The Mule”.

Kristi will play two shows here in Portland – one up at Portland State University on Wednesday, March 31st, and the other on Friday April 2nd at Mississippi Pizza Pub. She and Sarah Woolf will also be recording a session for Hello Cruel World on Saturday April 3rd for broadcast the next day.

Check out for details on their cross-country tour.

Much thanks to Kristi for taking time out to make a phone post here!

no Libby and no me

Libby Kirkpatrick wasn’t able to come in tonight, and we are gonna reschedule.

I won’t be appearing on the show either, as I’m staring down the barrel of a paper deadline.

You can hear the “recorded me” tonight hosting show #107, which for those of you keeping track at home is the BEST OF featuring nothing but live performances from past editions of the program.

So you’ll even get to hear Libby play a quintessential version of her song “The Garden”, accompanied by Michael Shay on cello! It was recorded about 7 months ago, and has aged like a fine wine since then.

show 118 John Twist!

Josh Ritter – Snow Is Gone – Hello Starling (Signature)
Peter Mulvey – 29 Cent Head – Kitchen Radio (Signature)
Libby Kirkpatrick – Jenny’s Eyes – Goodnight Venus (Heart)

John Twist – The Vine Grows Back – The Vine Grows Back (self)

John Twist in-studio:
         Blood On The Blade
         Going Up On The Mountain
         Cottonwood Crow
         Little Billy Black

Dave Carter – Snake-Handlin’ Man – Snake Handlin’ Man (self)

pre-game warmup

most days KPSU is fine, but every once in a while you come in and every thing is broken or hanging by a thread. this was one of those days.

this was more filling in for dj unity, who will be returning next sunday.

kristi martel – bound – the bound single copy 17 of 100!! (sealed lip)
will oldham – sapele – seafarers music (royal stable)
beth gibbons & rustin man – mysteries – out of season (universal)
jason molina – pyramid electric co – pyramid electric co (secretly canadian)

jimmy yancey – how long blues – piano blues

arab strap – you shook me all night long – shy retirer ep (chemikal underground)
the jam – down in the tube station at midnight – the sound of the jam (polydor)
latin playboys – crayon sun – latin playboys (warner)

note to self: latin playboys would’ve probably been better after arab strap than the jam was.

suddenly tammy – hard lesson – we get there when we do (warner)
robb johnson – not in my name –

hour two coming up – john twist!!

upcoming guests

I’m pretty pleased as I look at the weeks ahead –

There’s going to be alot of live music on Hello Cruel World!!

March 7 – John Twist
March 14 – Libby Kirkpatrick (not confirmed)
March 21 – out of town (pre-recorded show)
March 28 – out of town (will probably air a Josh Ritter concert from ’02)
April 4 – Kristi Martel and Sarah Woolf
April 11 – Super XX Man
April 18 – John Vecchiarelli
April 25 – Don Viramontes

April 11th and 18th shows will be part of KPSU’s pledge drive. If you have any fondness in your heart for KPSU and its programming, please set aside some money to give us during this time. We really need your help.