show 121 – John Vecchiarelli & Todd C. Bayles

John came down to HCW today and brought Todd with him (on accordion) as special live guest for DAY ONE of the KPSU pledge drive. Unfortunately, not a single pledge came in on my show tonight!! You all can redeem yourselves next Sunday, when my guests will be Preacherboy and Girlyman.

We called tonight the Amp Can Sessions. John Vecchiarelli brought this contraption that looks like a coffee can that his guitar and mic plug into. It gave the songs a cool low-fi indie sound, and Todd accompanied on accordion on two songs – very very cool. Thanks to both of them for making the show so special.

Here’s the rundown of tonight’s show (all cd tracks were handpicked and brought in by John Vecchiarelli):

Elliott Smith – Division Day – Ballad Of Big Nothing EP
Pete Krebs – Fortune Valentines – Bittersweet Valentines EP
Chris Moore – You The Volunteer – Not Yet Released New Album
Erika Simonian – Pretty Good Wife – All The Plastic Animals
Super XX Man – Grace (Glorified) – My Usual Way

John Vecchiarelli live:
        Addition (with Todd)
        To The Brim
        Lillian (with Todd)

Todd also played some nice little accordion interludes while I pitched for pledge drive.

Did I mention Girlyman and Preacherboy next Sunday?? Girlyman will be pre-recorded and air during the last half hour. Preacherboy will be live from 5pm to 5:30pm. Tune in!!

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