canceled: Girlyman

Sadly, I had to cancel the in-studio with Girlyman. Its been a hellish week at work, we’re shorthanded and I couldn’t justify taking the time off work to do the pre-record.

Their manager says that they’ll be back here sometime early next year, so if Hello Cruel World is still around, maybe we can rope them in then.

In the meantime, I have the Girlyman cd, and will be listening to it in the weeks ahead finding good tracks to play from it.

Other cds that are getting heavy rotation in my cd player are the new one from Chris Moore, the new Ron Sexsmith, and the new Sarah Harmer.

Here is the schedule of upcoming guest appearances:
18 April – Preacherboy
25 April – Don Viramontes
9 May – Casey Neill and Little Sue

Finally, this coming Sunday is the last night of pledge drive (at least as far as my show is concerned). We’d all love it if you called up and pledged us some money!!

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