show 123 – Don Viramontes

I enjoyed tonight’s show – – Don’s music is perfect for the hot summer nights (even though its technically still spring).

Here’s tonight’s rundown:

Sarah Harmer – Almost – All Of Our Names (Zoe/Rounder)
Peter Mulvey – Road To Mallow – Kitchen Radio (Signature) < -----I actually meant to play "Shirt". Oh well. Don Viramontes live:         Me Oh My         Maybe It Was Me         The Solitude Of You         Nothing         Shooting Star (Dylan) Don Viramontes - San Francisco Nights - Another Broken Truth (self) Libby Kirkpatrick - Goodnight Venus - Goodnight Venus (Heart Music) Little Sue - Country Song - The Long Goodbye (self) Tori Amos - Way Down (newer version) - Tales Of A Librarian (Atlantic)

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