show 127 – Laurel Brauns

Laurel Brauns was my guest tonight. Todd C Bayles co-hosted. I did not realize till after the show was over that Laurel no longer lives in Portland; she moved back to the East Coast last year.

Oh well- we treated her like she was still a Portlander.

Ron Sexsmith – Imaginary Friends – Retriever (Nettwerk)
Jacob Ray – Do I Dare? – from the upcoming album (self)
Laurel Brauns – Periphery – Periphery (Red Trail)

Laurel live:
        Percy Schmeiser
        Wash The Paint Away

Laurel Brauns – Going Back To Boston – Periphery (Red Trail)
Paul Schneider – Where Are You Now – Escape Velocity (Semaphore)

Thanks to Laurel for the great music, and to Todd for lending his trademark wit to the evening.

Next week, my guest is Libby Kirkpatrick. We’ve been trying to work out an appearance for awhile now, so glad its finally gonna work out. It’ll be pre-taped and air in my absence, so don’t try to call in with questions or heckling or anything.

Lately, Hello Cruel World has been like a chocolate croissant – flaky on the outside with a rich solid center.

I’m hoping things will be less flaky in the weeks to come.

The next two shows should be very cool – some great guests – Laurel Brauns tomorrow night, and Libby Kirkpatrick the Sunday after that.

Don’t forget to tune in!

show 126 – eye in the sky

The funniest part of this show was the HCW Concert Calendar. I had my friend Todd present the info over the phone, and he pretended to do the traffic report instead, with faux helicopter sounds. Wish I had taped this one – worth it just for the helicopter moments.

Oh yeah, there was some music too! I bookended the show with Erin McKeown songs – in honor of her Lola’s Room concert this same night. Dammit though, I couldn’t attend her concert – too much homework.

Here’s how the night went:

Erin McKeown – The Taste Of You – Grand (Nettwerk)
Casey Neill – Philadelphia Girl – Live At 11th Street (self)
Little Sue – Scary Places – The Long Goodbye (self)
Robyn Hitchcock – Mamie Dunn / Good Times Rock N Roll – This One’s For The Fellows (Blue Disguise)
Daniel Johnston – Brainwashed – The Early Recordings Volume 1 (Dualtone)
Washboard Sam – Mama Don’t Allow No. 1 – Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1 (Document)

The Weepies – Happiness – Happiness (self)
Sinead O’Connor – Annachie Gordon – unknown source
Patrick Brickel – Birds – Songs From The Pink Sofa (Trailer)
The Decemberists – Billy Liar – Her Majesty The Decemberists (Kill Rock Stars)

Beth Amsel – You’re Welcome – Kindling (self)
Stew – L.A. Arteest Cafe – Something Deeper Than These Changes (Smile)
Erin McKeown – Starlit – Grand (Nettwerk)

Thanks to Todd for helping out with the Calendar.

show 125 – Casey Neill & Jon Spurney drop by

Casey Neill and Jon Spurney dropped by for a few minutes to talk about their West Coast tour with Little Sue, and to plug the upcoming gig at the White Eagle Saloon on May 13th.

This show was pre-recorded, and DJ Unity stuck around long enough to press ‘PLAY’ while I was out of town. Thanks DJ Unity!

Malcolm Middleton – Wake Up – 5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol (Chemikal Underground)
Marykate O’Neil – Mundane Dream – Marykate O’Neil (71 Recordings)
Vic Chesnutt – Onion Soup – Is The Actor Happy? (Texas Hotel)
Jackson Browne – The Night Inside Me (live acoustic) – KGSR Volume 11 (KGSR)
Natasha Lea Jones – Instinctive Desire – The Morning After (self)

Ryan Adams – World War 24 – Love Is Hell EP #1 (Lost Highway)
McKinley – Tired – Goner (self)
The Weepies – Simple Life – Happiness (self)

         interview with Casey Neill and Jon Spurney

Casey Neill and Little Sue – Carnival – Hold Me Up To The Light (Number One Records)
Peter Mulvey – Shirt – Kitchen Radio (Signature Sounds)
Super XX Man – Steamboat Jean – Vol VII: My Usual Way (Lelp)
Hamell On Trial – When Destiny Calls – Tough Love (Righteous Babe)

Show #124 – may i say it was great??

Don’t ask me how it happened, but I whipped up a great hour of music. Don’t just take my word for it – ask the 3 people who called to tell me so! (Okay, so one of them was my mom. Who knew she is a KPSU listener??)

Dan Bern – Party By Myself – In Harmony With The Homeless (Miramar)
Beck – End Of The Day – Sea Change (Geffen)
Fiona Apple – Across The Universe – Pleasantville Soundtrack (Sony)
Sinead O’Connor – Black Boys On Mopeds – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got (Ensign/Chrysalis)
Ryan Adams – World War 24 – Love Is Hell EP #1 (Lost Highway)

Sarah Harmer – Pendulums – All Of Our Names (Zoe/Rounder)
Chris Moore – Verified – New Unreleased Album (self)
Super XX Man – My Usual Way – Vol VII:My Usual Way (Lelp)
TV On The Radio – Mr. Grieves – Young Liars EP (Touch & Go)
Jill Sobule – Mom – (self)

Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire – How Indiscreet – The Swimming Hour (Rykodisc)
John Vecchiarelli – Idiot Kids – Tiny Rooms (self)
Edie Carey – Chemistry – When I Was Made (self)


That’s all folks. Next week I’ll be out of town, but I’ve recorded a show that will air in my absence featuring a short interview with Casey Neill (who will be playing a show on May 13th at the White Eagle with Little Sue) and his guitarist/piano player Jon Spurney.