show 134 – johnny nemo

Ron Sexsmith – Wishing Wells – Retriever (Nettwerk)
Corrina Repp – Thunder – A Boat Called Hope (Hush)
Juana Molina – El Cristal – Tres Cosas (Domino)
Momus – Tape Recorder Man – Folktronic (Le Grande Magistery)
John Lee Hooker – Miss Rosie Mae – Box Set
Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – Blonde On Blonde (Columbia)

E – Hello Cruel World – A Man Called E (Polydor)
Erika Simonian – Mr. Wrong – All The Plastic Animals (Puddyhead)
Patty Griffin – Florida – Impossible Dream (Ato)
Dan Bern – Merkle – Diamond Cuts:Grand Slam (Hungry For Music)
Super XX Man – Soul Of ’02- Volume VII: My Usual Way (Lelp)

Pat McDonald – Stripped – Stripped: PM Does DM (Ulftone)

show 133 – fundraiser

Red & Black Cafe is having a fundraiser tonight — huge gig — 7 singer/songwriters, all donating their time and songs for a worthy cause. All proceeds go towards the purchase of a new PA system for the cafe.

C’mon down and show your solidarity. Donation of $5 would be great, more would be even better, but no one will be turned away.

John Vecchiarelli
joined me on air tonight, and we featured tracks from the artists that are performing tonight, including tracks from John’s brand new cd, “Songs From Whoville”, which is in the process of being mastered. It was very cool to get to hear these new finished songs.

Little Sue – Country Song – The Long Goodbye (self)
Myshkin – Unearthed – Rosebud Bullets (Binky)
John Twist – Billy Black – The Vine Grows Back (self)
John Vecchiarelli – Addition – Songs From Whoville (self)

James Low – Mexiquita – Mexiquita
Myshkin – Ruby Warbler – Rosebud Bullets (Binky)
Little Sue – Hurricane – Shine (self)
James Low – You Said – Mexiquita

John Vecchiarelli – Whoville – Songs From Whoville (self)
John Twist – Four Letter Word – The Vine Grows Back (self)

Chris Moore – Constellation – Figurines (Waterbug)

show 132 – Chris Moore

Elliott Smith – The Enemy Is You – Baby Britain single (Dreamworks)
Jesse Fuller – San Francisco Bay Blues – San Francisco Bay Blues (Good Time Jazz)
Bob Dylan – Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat – Blonde On Blonde (Columbia)
Chris Moore – Wishbone – Joy And Abandon (Waterbug)

Chris Moore live:
        Last Look Around
        Home From War
        These Woods

Chris Moore – Same Mistake – Joy And Abandon (Waterbug)