#142 – Myrrh Larsen

Newsflash: Myrrh and his bandmates trashed the interview booth here at KPSU!!!

Okay, I’m embellishing a bit to make my show sound more rock N roll. They just rearranged everything. (They did move it all back when they were done playing).

The thing is, I had never seen that done before. Until now. That’s Myrrh!

Robyn Hitchcock – Welcome To Earth – Spooked (YepRoc)
Dan Bern – Bush Must Be Defeated – My Country II (Messenger)
John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (self)

Myrrh Larsen – Let Me In – Unstrung (Whole Note)

Myrrh in-studio:
       Theme Song
       Running In Circles
       Here In My Arms

Myrrh Larsen – Call Me (Blondie cover) – Unstrung (Whole Note)

Chris Moore – Volunteer – Figurines (Waterbug)
Elvis Costello – Lover’s Walk – Trust (Rhino)
Jim White – Borrowed Wings – Drill A Hole In The Substrate (Luaka Bop)
Myshkin – Gypsytown – from the forthcoming album Corvidae
Jill Sobule – Underdog Victorious – Underdog Victorious (Artemis)

Thanks for tuning in!

One thought on “#142 – Myrrh Larsen”

  1. Wait, John, that wasn’t you with the lampshade on your head?

    Thanks for having us down… we had a fantastic time and we’d love to come over and trash the booth any time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go bowling.

    Seriously, thank you. You’re a great d.j. and a rockin interviewer and we’d love to do it again sometime.

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