show 143 – Alan Kanning & Brant David

I’ve been looking forward to Alan’s visit for quite awhile. I wish both he and Brant had played more songs, but I think tonight’s session was definitely a case of “less is more”.

Loudon Wainwright – AM World – BBC Sessions (Varese)
Graham Lindsey – Hutch Jack Flats Rag – Famous Anonymous Wilderness (Catamount)
Casey Neill – Sisters Of The Road – Waterbug Sampler Volume 7 (Waterbug)
Greg Brown – Who Killed Cock Robin – Honey In The Lion’s Head (Trailer)

Brant & Alan live in-studio:
        The Longest Goodbye (Alan Kanning)
        Trust (Brant David)
        A Thousand Things (Alan Kanning)
        Ghost (Brant David)

Ruth Minnikin – This Heavy Heart – Ruth Minnikin EP (self)
Les Barker – The Civilised World – Election 2004: Anti-Theft Device (Waterbug)
Super XX Man – Soul Of ’02 – My Usual Way (Lelp)

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