show 148 – Ray’s Vast Basement & Michael Zapruder

Usually it is a bad thing to have heightened expectations because they can’t be matched in the real world. More often than not, one is left disappointed.

Not so with Ray’s Vast Basement and Michael Zapruder. I’d heard glowing praise about them before, was really excited about their appearance on the show, and they knocked my socks off. They made apologies for taking up my entire show, when I would’ve given them a second hour if I had had one to give.

The rundown:

Robyn Hitchcock – The President (demo) – Element Of Light (Rhino)
Elliott Smith – A Passing Feeling – From A Basement On The Hill (Anti)
Ray’s Vast Basement – She’s My Diary – Isn’t It Romantic? (Verse Press)

Ray’s Vast Basement live in-studio:
         ”Field Guide To Western Intimacy” (poem read aloud)
         Sleeping Pills
         Crystal Clock

Michael Zapruder – Black Hawk – Isn’t It Romantic? (Verse Press)

Michael Zapruder live:
         Harbor Saints
         The Alchemist
         Phenopapla (sp?)

Some of the songs and poems featured tonight came from a book called Isn’t It Romantic: 100 Love Poems by Younger American Poets which features an accompanying cd. All kinds of great artists are featured on the cd; Vic Chesnutt, Hamell On Trial, Jenny Toomey, Nina Nastasia, and of course Ray’s Vast Basement and Michael Zapruder. I’m gonna track me down a copy; if you liked what you heard tonight then you should too!

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