show 149 – Hunter Paye

Hunter’s music was exuberant — the perfect antidote to these depressing post-election days. And the addition of Kina on cello was ace. In the words of singer/songwriter Deni Bonet, after seeing and hearing tonight’s performance I want “sunshine all the time.”

Playlists are always in the form of Artist – Song – Album (Label)

Brendan Benson – Tiny Spark – Lapalco (StarTime International)
Ashleigh Flynn – Barrow – Chokecherry (Home Perm)
Ashleigh Flynn – Isa – Chokecherry (Home Perm)

Hunter Paye in-studio (featuring Kina Muir on cello):
          Arise And Inspire
          Worker Bee
          Vermont Leaves

Laura Veirs – Icebound Stream – Carbon Glacier (Nonesuch)
Billy Bragg – The Myth Of Trust – Back To Basics (Elektra)
Devon Sproule – Farewell, Seasick Suffering – Upstate Songs (City Salvage)
Brendan Benson – Metarie – Lapalco (StarTime International)

Learn more about Hunter and his band Folkrum by clicking here.

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