show151 – Tre

The last 3 shows have been amazing — local performers each with their own distinct style and vibe. Tre played some amazing songs, particularly the one about Johnny Cash.

Ani DiFranco – Your Next Bold Move – Portland OR ’04 official bootleg (Righteous Babe)
Littlebird – November Nights – Angels Wait (self)

Tre live in the studio:
          Many Reasons To Sing The Blues
          The Voice Of Johnny Cash
          Words Brew
          Take The Blame

Edie Carey – Chemistry – When I Was Made (self)
Brenda Weiler – Daisy – Fly Me Back (Peppermint)
Lara Michell – Low – Soliloquy (self)

Thanks to Todd for co-hosting – he rocked the mic and helped to make the show so grand.

We spoke a bit tonight on the show about podcasting. I’m gonna try it out tomorrow with an old show and see if it works.

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