show 155 – Crystin Byrd & Jacob Ray

As always, it felt great to do a show after being gone for a few weeks.

We ended 2004 with a great hour of live music. Crystin was a great sport, coming in at the last minute. It was great to hear songs from her forthcoming album. Jacob Ray keeps getting better and better. Having Todd down as both co-host and accompanist for both artists made it that much more unique and interesting. We are all about collaboration on the HCW!

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Piece Of Crap – Sleeps With Angels (Reprise)

Jacob Ray live in-studio:
        Do I Dare
        Unmistakeable Day
        When You Wake (Todd on accordion)
        Dirty Angels

Crystin Byrd – Forget – from the forthcoming album (freshly mixed at Jackpot Studios)

Crystin Byrd live in-studio:
        Too Soon To Say Goodbye

Merry Christmas

Hope you are enjoying your holiday today.

I just wanted to let you all know about tomorrow’s show. I’ve hand-picked one hour’s worth of the best performances from guests appearing this year 2004 on Hello Cruel World. It was a great year with some stellar guests both local and national.

Update: Change of plan! Jacob Ray and possibly Crystin Byrd will be appearing on the program tomorrow – I will reschedule the best-of for early next year.

show 154 – super extend-o tawd!


In addition to hosting HCW, I also hosted the two-hour show that’s on right before it. It’s a lot of jazz, world music, and very eclectic. (If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard it.) So that was fun. I did the jazz and world thing for a bit, then gradually (no, abruptly!) morphed into the usual HCW thing at some point.

I’m so glad John let me host the show these last couple of weeks. I’m a fan of the show, and I would be even if I weren’t friends with the host. 🙂 It’s been really fun to bring a slightly different spin to it, and I’m totally honored that he chose me instead of one of the actual KPSU hosts who could have done it.

So here’s the super-extendo play list, which includes this show, and the part of the previous show where I made the switch.

World Party – She’s The One – Egyptology (Chrysalis)
Beck (with Jon Brion) – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime – “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” Soundtrack

Lucienne Delyle – Mon Amant De Saint Jean – Les Grandes Dames Du Music-Hall (EPM)
Charles Trenet – Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours – Les Plus Grandes Chansons Des Annees 40 (EPM)
Jon Brion – Ruin My Day – Meaningless (self)
Aimee Mann – Deathly – Bachelor No. 2 (SuperEgo)

Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .? – A Small Part Of Something Beautiful (self)
Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost – Hips And Makers (Warner)
Michael Penn – Out Of My Hands – Resigned (Sony)
Cori Teeple – Captain – demo (self)

Erin McKeown – Cosmopolitans – Grand! (Nettwerk)

HCW: (If you joined us at the regular time, starting here is what you heard)

Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)
A.C. Newman – On The Table – The Slow Wonder (Matador)
John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (Speck)
Chris Martin – Yellow (solo live piano version) – Sounds Eclectic Too (KCRW/Palm)
Chris Moore – Constellation – Figurines (Waterbug)

Rebecca Pearcy – Constellation – Constellation (Yoyo)
Crystin Byrd – Windows Down – My Silence (forthcoming)
Fiona Apple – Better Version Of Me – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)
Chris Colbourn – Bad Little Bird – Split 7″ (Vital Cog)

Lara Michell – Petals – demo (self)
Mia Doi Todd – Digital – The Golden State (Sony)
Deb Talan – Rocks And Water – A Bird Flies Out (self)
Tracy Chapman – Almost – Let It Rain (Elektra)

Aimee Mann – Calling It Quits – Bachelor No. 2 (SuperEgo)

Merry Christmas!

show 153 – tawd brings the rawk

Don’t let John’s suaveness and debonair on-air persona fool you. Radio shows are tough! You have to plan sometimes three steps ahead, with setting up songs to play, running commercials, and all that. In addition, it’s good to sound relaxed and have things to say when you need to say them. There’s a lot of juggling going on all the time.

Extra special thanks to John for allowing me to bring the rawk while he’s on a Disney cruise, partying with Belle and Sleeping Beauty. And yes, he WAS partying with Belle and Sleeping Beauty. Dude. . .hook me up. . .? Belle c’est tres francaise, non? Elle est mon favourite. (?) Non, je ne parlez pas francais. OK, I’m done. 🙂
Here’s the playlist:

Dan Bern – City of Models – Smartie Mine (self)
Vienna Teng – Harbor – Warm Strangers (Virt)
Joanna Newsom – The Book Of Right-On – The Milk-Eyed Mender (Drag City)
Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)

Ed Harcourt – Born In The 70’s – Strangers (Heavenly/EMI)
Jon Brion – Trouble – Meaningless (self)
Cori Temple – Captain – demo (self)
Erin McKeown – Cosmopolitans – Grand! (Nettwerk)

The Infamous Local Set:
Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .? – A Small Part Of Something Beautiful (self)
Crystin Byrd – Windows Down – My Silence (forthcoming)
Lara Michell – Petals (forthcoming)
John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (Speck)

John Vecchiarelli – To The Brim – Songs from Whoville (Speck) (cut)
Deb Talan – Rocks And Water – A Bird Flies Out (self)

I had a great time doing the show, and I can’t wait to do another. Oh yeah. . .next week! I’ll also be filling in on the show before HCW too, so tune in for a Double Shot of Tawd Rawk, if you’re so inclined.

Podcast #2

As a going away present (I’m leaving for 10 days; Todd is filling in while I’m gone) I have uploaded a portion of the most recent show (show152) for your aural enjoyment.

I’m only posting a portion because a) I don’t really have time to digitize and edit the entire thing, and b) I noticed with the first podcast that there were alot of incomplete downloads. It was a complete show, encoded at a fairly high bitrate – I think once people realized how freakin huge the file was (50+ mb) they gave up.

This mp3 is much more manageable. 17mb, and still sounds pretty good. Encoded at 96kbps and features all songs up to John Vecchiarelli’s “No Ordinary Life” (including a bonus track we played before the 5 o clock ID)

Show 152 excerpt

show 152 – luau

Todd and I were both saddened that Lara Michell cancelled. She is not feeling well, and we are gonna reschedule something for 2005. Which is good, because it looks like the singer/songwriter showcase night over at White Eagle will be ending as of January (and with it the steady stream of guests on the program). That is another bummer. It makes me feel guilty — I should’ve supported that night better — bought more food and gotten all liquored up. Crap – what a good night this has been in such a great venue.

*Sniff sniff* Moving on, it has been awhile since we’ve done a REGULAR show (regular meaning a show where we just play songs off cds) so it felt good to do one tonight. Todd ran the whole thing tonight, I got to kick back and play co-host and that felt good too.

Make sure you call Todd during the next two shows and give him some love! Or cookies! Lord knows he will be rocking out harder than I’m physically able to (I’m getting old and crotchety — the first signs of aging were apparent when I listened to a Neil Young album and liked it).

Steve Earle – Condi Condi – The Revolution Starts Now (Artemis)
Ed Harcourt – Born In The 70’s – Strangers (Heavenly/EMI)
Long Winters – It’ll Be A Breeze – When I Start To Fall (Barsuk)
Lara Michell – Petals – from Lara‘s forthcoming album
Joanna Newsom – The Sprout And The Bean – The Milk-Eyed Mender (Drag City)

John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (Speck)
Neko Case – If You Knew – The Tigers Have Spoken (Anti)
A.C. Newman – On The Table – The Slow Wonder (Matador)
Suzanne Vega – Headshots – Nine Objects Of Desire (A&M)

John Lennon – Watching The Wheels – Acoustic (Capitol)
Bright Eyes – Lua – Lua single (Saddle Creek)
Mia Doi Todd – 88 Ways – The Golden State (Sony)
Vienna Teng – Harbor – Warm Strangers (Virt)
The Weepies – Gotta Have You – live in Ohio bootleg (thanks, KL!)

If you missed my plug for them on tonight’s show, The Weepies (Steve Tannen & Deb Talan) will be in town on Saturday, December 11th at the Alberta Street Public House. Don’t miss out on those Weepies – they’re like buttah!!

Disney Cruise Line, here I come! See you in 3 weeks!