Podcast #2

As a going away present (I’m leaving for 10 days; Todd is filling in while I’m gone) I have uploaded a portion of the most recent show (show152) for your aural enjoyment.

I’m only posting a portion because a) I don’t really have time to digitize and edit the entire thing, and b) I noticed with the first podcast that there were alot of incomplete downloads. It was a complete show, encoded at a fairly high bitrate – I think once people realized how freakin huge the file was (50+ mb) they gave up.

This mp3 is much more manageable. 17mb, and still sounds pretty good. Encoded at 96kbps and features all songs up to John Vecchiarelli’s “No Ordinary Life” (including a bonus track we played before the 5 o clock ID)

Show 152 excerpt

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