show 154 – super extend-o tawd!


In addition to hosting HCW, I also hosted the two-hour show that’s on right before it. It’s a lot of jazz, world music, and very eclectic. (If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard it.) So that was fun. I did the jazz and world thing for a bit, then gradually (no, abruptly!) morphed into the usual HCW thing at some point.

I’m so glad John let me host the show these last couple of weeks. I’m a fan of the show, and I would be even if I weren’t friends with the host. 🙂 It’s been really fun to bring a slightly different spin to it, and I’m totally honored that he chose me instead of one of the actual KPSU hosts who could have done it.

So here’s the super-extendo play list, which includes this show, and the part of the previous show where I made the switch.

World Party – She’s The One – Egyptology (Chrysalis)
Beck (with Jon Brion) – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime – “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” Soundtrack

Lucienne Delyle – Mon Amant De Saint Jean – Les Grandes Dames Du Music-Hall (EPM)
Charles Trenet – Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours – Les Plus Grandes Chansons Des Annees 40 (EPM)
Jon Brion – Ruin My Day – Meaningless (self)
Aimee Mann – Deathly – Bachelor No. 2 (SuperEgo)

Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .? – A Small Part Of Something Beautiful (self)
Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost – Hips And Makers (Warner)
Michael Penn – Out Of My Hands – Resigned (Sony)
Cori Teeple – Captain – demo (self)

Erin McKeown – Cosmopolitans – Grand! (Nettwerk)

HCW: (If you joined us at the regular time, starting here is what you heard)

Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)
A.C. Newman – On The Table – The Slow Wonder (Matador)
John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (Speck)
Chris Martin – Yellow (solo live piano version) – Sounds Eclectic Too (KCRW/Palm)
Chris Moore – Constellation – Figurines (Waterbug)

Rebecca Pearcy – Constellation – Constellation (Yoyo)
Crystin Byrd – Windows Down – My Silence (forthcoming)
Fiona Apple – Better Version Of Me – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)
Chris Colbourn – Bad Little Bird – Split 7″ (Vital Cog)

Lara Michell – Petals – demo (self)
Mia Doi Todd – Digital – The Golden State (Sony)
Deb Talan – Rocks And Water – A Bird Flies Out (self)
Tracy Chapman – Almost – Let It Rain (Elektra)

Aimee Mann – Calling It Quits – Bachelor No. 2 (SuperEgo)

Merry Christmas!

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