show 158 – Bel Air Liberation Army

An army stormed the studio tonight. They came, they sang, they played. No listener was left behind. Todd and I were left with mouths agape. Who were these people?

Chuck Lee Bramlett, Leslie King, Renee Stahl, and Stewboss filled our tiny interview booth with the energy of musical collaboration. The harmonies were supreme. The songs were outstanding. They’ll be back in April.

Leslie King:
        Since You Took Flight
        Ain’t That A Shame

Chuck Lee Bramlett
        Frozen Boy
        Werewolf On My Nightstand

Renee Stahl:
        Above Beside Below
        You Didn’t Know

Gregg Sarfaty:
        Dreams 47-49
        The Midnight Shift
        If You Were Mine

Next week: FINALLY – Best of live performances from 2004. Tune in!

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