show 189 – Alison Wesley / Randy Kaplan

Double-header tonight – two guests – Alison Wesley from here in Portland, and Randy Kaplan from Brooklyn NY. I’m quite proud of how the show turned out, though this has more to do with these two fine performers than anything I did. I’m thrilled to be a part of radio like this.

Laura Veirs – Galaxies – Year Of Meteors (Nonesuch)

Alison Wesley live:
      Poor Little Me
      Love At You

Randy Kaplan – Many Times Over – Reborn As Bees (self)

Randy Kaplan live (pre-recorded):
      Hesitation Blues
      Rusty And New
      Bernadette Peters

New Pornographers – These Are The Fables – Twin Cinema (Matador)

There’s about 10 minutes more to that Randy Kaplan session – two songs’ worth. I hope to secure permission to make it available via download from this website. Stay tuned.

Podcast now available from iTunes!

Well, that’s a bit misleading. What I mean to say is that you can now configure iTunes (or any other podcasting program) to download Hello Cruel World automagically.

Thanks to the same masterminds who brought you the KPSU archives, you can now subscribe to the Hello Cruel World podcast via RSS feed.

Here’s how: Launch iTunes, and in the menus up top go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast. In the dialog box that pops up, paste in the following URL:

That’s all there is to it! iTunes will now download Hello Cruel World whenever there is a new show available. (You should go into the iTunes prefs and set up your downloading prefs.)

show 188 – Alan Kanning

Hi everybody, this is Todd.

If you were one of the lucky people who heard the show live, either on the air or on the net, you know that Alan and I had a great time. Unfortunately, due to a comedy of errors, the show was not archived by KPSU, nor did I record the show onto MiniDisc, so it may be lost in the ether forever. We comfort ourselves by thinking that somewhere there exists a parallel universe in which both KPSU and I recorded the show, and it’s available in that universe for you to listen to.

In addition to that, Alan and I left in a bit of a hurry, so I left my playlist at the station. I’ll try to recreate the show from memory. Here we go:

Erin McKeown – We Will Live On The Moon
(I think there might have been one more song here)
Kat Jones – Elliot
Steve Earle – Jerusalem – Sounds Eclectic Three

Alan Kanning live:
A Thousand Things (“The Truck Driving Song”)
Song 2
Song for Samantha
(Alan, if you’re reading this, PLEASE e-mail one of us with the names of your songs!)

Stuart Valentine – Not Ready
Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .?
Lara Michell & Todd Bayles – Into The Dream
Song 4

Beck & Jon Brion – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

I for one (and John for two) am very bummed that this show only got archived in a parallel universe. I had a blast; Alan was great as always, and HE even had a blast. (sigh) Oh well, there will be plenty of good shows to come. Thanks for listening, and can I just take a minute to say congratulations to John for being ‘all graduated’ now? Yay!

show 187 – all graduated

Mountain Goats – Dance Music – The Sunset Tree (4AD)
Be Good Tanyas – Reuben – Chinatown (Nettwerk)
Martha Wainwright – When The Day Is Short – Martha Wainwright (Zoe)
Loudon Wainwright III – Here Come The Choppers – Here Come The Choppers (Sovereign)

John Hiatt – Graduated – Little Head (Capitol)
Ani DiFranco – Knuckle Down – Knuckle Down (Righteous Babe)
Brownie McGhee – Twelve Gates To The City – Undiscovered Blues
Erin McKeown – To The Stars (acoustic) –
Ron Sexsmith – Average Joe – Other Songs (Interscope)

Elvis Costello – God’s Comic – Spike (Rhino)
Laura Cantrell – Letters – Humming By The Flowered Vine (Matador)
Laura Veirs – Ether Sings – Carbon Glacier (Nonesuch)

Pat McDonald – Master And Servant –

recreating spontaneity

Once again, I did the 4pm slot.

I used the time to try and recreate a set that I improvised about 6 months ago when I was filling in for the Shrink Rap folks. I like the variety of music, but the transitions didn’t go so well. I blame a faulty cue button on the mixing board. 😉

New Order – 586 – Power Corruption & Lies (Qwest)
Stereo Total – Baby Strich – Do The Bambi (Kill Rock Stars)
Camera Obscura – Shine Like A New Pin – Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi (Merge)
Corrina Repp – You Almost Made It Out – It’s Only The Future (Hush)
The Decemberists – From My Own True Love – Picaresque (Kill Rock Stars)
Smoosh – Massive Cure – She Like Electric (Pattern 25)
Elvis Costello – Button My Lip – The Delivery Man (Lost Highway)
Soul Coughing – Paint – Irresistible Bliss (Slash)
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Ain’t No Sunshine – Take A Break (Fat Wreck Chords)
Aquabats – Pizza Day – Myths Legend Volume Two (Fearless)
Devo – Gut Feeling – Life Aquatic Soundtrack (Hollywood)
Billy Bragg – Pict Song – William Bloke (Elektra)
Wilco – Theologians – A Ghost Is Born (Nonesuch)

Land Of The Loops – Multifamily Garage Sale – Bundle Of Joy (Up)

another month of sundays

This Sunday there is no guest — I’ll be playing DJ for a full hour. Expect to hear recent tracks from John Hiatt, Loudon Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Laura Cantrell, and an acoustic track from Erin McKeown

Here is the lineup for August and into September:

14 August — no guest = album cuts (email me with requests)
21 August — Alan Kanning (hosted by Todd C. Bayles)
28 August — Alison Wesley, Randy Kaplan
04 September — Johnny Keener, Rachel Ries
11 September — Jeremy Serwer

One last bit of news before I go: the KPSU archives are now ginormous! The station has purchased additional storage space for their servers and you’ll now find over 3 weeks of archived programming on the archive page. Here are links to four editions of Hello Cruel World currently available. Get ’em before they scroll away!

17 Jul 2005 – show 183 feat Alexa Wiley
24 Jul 2005 – show 184 feat Blackwood Hymnal
31 Jul 2005 – show 185 feat Mica Lee Williams
07 Aug 2005 – show 186 feat Tony Barber

show 186 – Tony Barber

Randy Kaplan – One Too Many Times – Perfect Gentleman (self)
Stew – North Bronx French Marie – Naked Dutch Painter (Smile)
Jaime & Becky – Not How They Seem – Jaime & Becky (self)
Tony Barber – Mean Streak – On My Own (self)

Tony Barber live in-studio:
       Purple Cloud
       So Long Solitude
       To The Sea
       Make Me Whole

Jim White – Buzzards Of Love – Drill A Hole In The Substrate (Luaka Bop)
Laura Veirs – Riptide – Carbon Glacier (Nonesuch)

oh yes i am a scientist

another warm-up has come upon us. circumstances surrounding the 4pm hour are still up for discussion at the local water cooler. for now, i’m just taking it upon myself to make sure that songs from varied cds play during this hour

Weeping Tile – Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Eepee (WEA)
Cat Power – Speak For Me – You Are Free (Matador)
Elvis Costello – The Delivery Man – The Delivery Man (Lost Highway)
M Ward – Lullaby + Exile – Transistor Radio (Merge)
Eels – Suicide Life – Blinking Lights & Other Revelations (Vagrant)
Loudon Wainwright III – Cobwebs – KGSR Volume 9
Dan Bern – One Thing Real – Smartie Mine (self)

Pete Krebs – Powder Keg – Bittersweet Valentines (Cavity Search)
Petra Haden – Odorono – Petra Sings The Who Sell Out (Bar None)
Brendan Benson – Metarie – Lapalco (Star Time)