show 188 – Alan Kanning

Hi everybody, this is Todd.

If you were one of the lucky people who heard the show live, either on the air or on the net, you know that Alan and I had a great time. Unfortunately, due to a comedy of errors, the show was not archived by KPSU, nor did I record the show onto MiniDisc, so it may be lost in the ether forever. We comfort ourselves by thinking that somewhere there exists a parallel universe in which both KPSU and I recorded the show, and it’s available in that universe for you to listen to.

In addition to that, Alan and I left in a bit of a hurry, so I left my playlist at the station. I’ll try to recreate the show from memory. Here we go:

Erin McKeown – We Will Live On The Moon
(I think there might have been one more song here)
Kat Jones – Elliot
Steve Earle – Jerusalem – Sounds Eclectic Three

Alan Kanning live:
A Thousand Things (“The Truck Driving Song”)
Song 2
Song for Samantha
(Alan, if you’re reading this, PLEASE e-mail one of us with the names of your songs!)

Stuart Valentine – Not Ready
Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .?
Lara Michell & Todd Bayles – Into The Dream
Song 4

Beck & Jon Brion – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

I for one (and John for two) am very bummed that this show only got archived in a parallel universe. I had a blast; Alan was great as always, and HE even had a blast. (sigh) Oh well, there will be plenty of good shows to come. Thanks for listening, and can I just take a minute to say congratulations to John for being ‘all graduated’ now? Yay!

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  1. Sorry about that, we ended up loosing a couple of days worth of shows. I was out of town and the archive machine got auto-rebooted by a Windows Update. It took a little while to get it straight.

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