show 190 – Johnny Keener / Rachel Ries

Another smashing double-header tonight – it is much much fun for me to be host to this doubled dose of live acoustic music.

Both Johnny and Rachel were great fun to chat with. I think it is fantastic that Rachel is signed to Waterbug Records – they are definitely building an arsenal of fine songwriters – who needs major labels with labels like this??? Honestly! And Johnny Keener previewed songs from two upcoming albums: a rockabilly kids record, and an “adult” record. I have a smile on my face just thinking of this hour. Here’s how it all went down:

Johnny Keener – Space Like Heaven – When Space Was Like Heaven

Johnny live in-studio:
       Homecoming Day
       God’s Hand
       Untitled (new kids’ song)

Rachel Ries – Valentine, NE – For You Only (Waterbug)

Rachel live in-studio:
       You Only
       Our Summertime
       Lonely Spires
       The Luckiest One

R.L. Burnside – It’s Bad You Know – Come On In (Fat Possum)

I’m glad I could fit in the R.L. Burnside track – I will be forever thankful for his willingness to innovate. His updated versions of the blues were what led me back to the beginnings of the genre (you have him to thank for the sprinkling of old blues classics here and there on this program). May he rest in peace (1926 – 2005).

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