show 195 – Chad Bault

Robyn Hitchcock – Welcome To Earth – Spooked (YepRoc)
Pooka – Blue Star – Graham Robert Wood EP (WEA)
Laura Veirs – Ether Sings – Carbon Glacier (Nonesuch)
Stuart Valentine – Not Ready – Melody’s True (Valentine)
Train Go Sorry – Still Afraid Of My Heart – Souvenir (self)

Chad Bault live:
        Sober But Poor

Michael Penn – Room 712, The Apache – Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947 (SpinArt)
Frank Black – Selkie Bride – Honeycomb (Back Porch)
Frank Black – I Burn Today – Honeycomb (Back Porch)
Aimee Mann – High On Sunday 51 – Lost In Space (Superego)
Fiona Apple – Waltz – Extraordinary Machine (Epic)

On a sad post-show note, the archive was down when this show took place, and I’d grown so accustomed to the great technology provided by KPSU that I didn’t run my own minidisc. This show existed for an hour and then passed away into the ether. Its a shame, too – apart from the Frank Black snafu (playing two songs from the same artist in a row is just plain sloppy) I’d say it was one of the best shows we’d done in awhile. We loved Chad’s music and his sense of humor was very compatible with ours.

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