show 200 – Jaime & Becky

L to R: Todd, Becky, Jaime, Me

Pamela Means – Two Halves – Single Bullet Theory
Mountain Goats – This Year – The Sunset Tree (4AD)
Corrina Repp – Fire At St. Jude – A Boat Called Hope (Hush)
Libby Kirkpatrick – White Eyelashed Girl – Winged (Heart)
John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (Speck)

Jaime & Becky live:
       Rusty Bike
       New One
       Not How They Seem

Be Good Tanyas – It’s Not Happening – Chinatown (Nettwerk)
Erin McKeown – You Were Right – We Will Become Like Birds (Nettwerk)

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