Site Update Sept 2006

Over dinner last week, someone asked me about this website. “Do you ever update it?”

I had to admit that I don’t. Hello Cruel World ended November 13, 2005 with its 200th show.

But I do think about HCW – often. A few months ago, I spotted a local songwriter coming out of the grocery store. She had been a guest on my show once, but I could not recall her name. It bothered me for days (I’ve since remembered – hey Tamara J!), and really hit home how lost and out of touch I’ve felt since I ended things last fall.

I do plan on updating things here a bit more regularly. I have plans for the future, and I want to better document the 200 shows of Hello Cruel World via this website. My first little project is to create some playlist statistics for the show using Google’s new online spreadsheets.

2005 Playlist Statistics (in progress)

I hope to eventually do stats for all four years, and then a sum of all the years. It will be interesting to me to see which artists got the most play on HCW.

I also plan to create a Flickr account for HCW to document the show’s history via photos.

Finally, once I get my cd’s and home studio unpacked and put together, I plan on creating a couple of podcasts. Hopefully I can get one done before year’s end.

That’s all for now. If you listened to the show, thanks very much. If you still visit the site hoping for a glimpse of activity, it’s here (though it’ll mostly be nostalgic in nature).

Update: Flickr account created! One pic for now (hey Johnny K!) and more as I find them (on hard drives, floppies, etc.)

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