Practice Resurrection!

Hello Cruel World is back, on a new station and a new timeslot!

KZME is a brand-new community radio station here in Portland. The frequency is 107.1 FM, and we’ll be broadcasting at least for the next year or so out of the KMHD2 studios located at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, OR.

The show will air Saturdays from 4-6pm. The format will change slightly to highlight more local music (KZME’s slogan is “Music Where You Live”). We’ll have in-studios on as often as we can….yesterday’s inaugural show for KZME featured local acoustic duo Jaime & Becky in hour 1, and rappin’ cowboy Chris “Sandman” Sand in the second hour (he’s also the star of a documentary called “Roll Out, Cowboy” that is showing next week here in town at the Reel Music Film Festival).

Next Saturday’s guests are Jarad Miles and Barry Brusseau, they have a joint cd release party at The Woods on January 20th.

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