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  1. Hello – I just stumbled across your Twitter. I was unaware of your show! It looks very cool. I am also an XRAYfm DJ, I host The Changing Same Sunday’s at 11pm. I am writing cuz I’m promoting an album I have coming out soon on Split Level Records, a small label in Brooklyn NY. I am a singer-songwriter, an acoustic guitar player, I’ve been playing around the west coast and Europe for quite a while. Right now me and the label I am on have managed to drum up a little momentum; an article in the Village Voice & Bandcamp is running a piece on me and the girl that runs the label this month. I’m not sure of the format of your show, but I would be pretty stoked if you were at all interested in making any of my music a part of it. Here’s a link where you can check out my last album, most of which was recorded in John Frusciante’s (red hot chilli peppers) living room, and an album I made with Warpaint’s lead singer/guitar Emily Kokal (shameless name dropping sometimes gets people’s attention…i know it’s tacky…) https://splitlevelrecords.bandcamp.com ALSO… Here’s the link to the soundcloud page where you can hear some demos from my upcoming release, these are the songs that bandcamp was psyched about: https://soundcloud.com/mikah-sykes-1/sets/world-war-iv-cell-phone-demo Ok! Be rad to hear from you sometime; and I’ll definitely be checking out your show ! Be well –

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