show 188 – Alan Kanning

Hi everybody, this is Todd.

If you were one of the lucky people who heard the show live, either on the air or on the net, you know that Alan and I had a great time. Unfortunately, due to a comedy of errors, the show was not archived by KPSU, nor did I record the show onto MiniDisc, so it may be lost in the ether forever. We comfort ourselves by thinking that somewhere there exists a parallel universe in which both KPSU and I recorded the show, and it’s available in that universe for you to listen to.

In addition to that, Alan and I left in a bit of a hurry, so I left my playlist at the station. I’ll try to recreate the show from memory. Here we go:

Erin McKeown – We Will Live On The Moon
(I think there might have been one more song here)
Kat Jones – Elliot
Steve Earle – Jerusalem – Sounds Eclectic Three

Alan Kanning live:
A Thousand Things (“The Truck Driving Song”)
Song 2
Song for Samantha
(Alan, if you’re reading this, PLEASE e-mail one of us with the names of your songs!)

Stuart Valentine – Not Ready
Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .?
Lara Michell & Todd Bayles – Into The Dream
Song 4

Beck & Jon Brion – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

I for one (and John for two) am very bummed that this show only got archived in a parallel universe. I had a blast; Alan was great as always, and HE even had a blast. (sigh) Oh well, there will be plenty of good shows to come. Thanks for listening, and can I just take a minute to say congratulations to John for being ‘all graduated’ now? Yay!

show 180 – jawn stil gawn; tawd rawks

Hi, everybody. This is Todd. Like I said on the air, today was “no guests, no interviews, no pledge drives, just me, you, and the Rock.” I like doing the live guests and stuff, but I’m so shy by nature that I don’t ever feel comfortable doing that. I’d be perfectly happy if I never had to speak at all on the air. 🙂

So anyway, here’s the playlist for the one hundred and eightieth show:
       Julie Doiron – Sweeter
       Christine Fellows – Advice
       Crystin Byrd – My Silence – My Silence (self-released)
       A.C. Newman – Come Crash – The Slow Wonder

       Leigh Marble – Long Overdue – Peep
       Butterfly Boucher – Beautiful Book – Flutterby
       Yann Tiersen – Bagatelle (live) – C’etait Ici
       Paul McCartney – Piece Of Cake – Ram

       Dan Bern – City Of Models – Smartie Mine (self-released)
       Neil Finn – Turn And Run – One All
       Dido – Don’t Think Of Me – No Angel
       Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine – Extraordinary Machine
       Erin McKeown – Perastra – We Will Live Like Birds

Note to anyone who’s really interested: I MEANT to end the show with “Life On The Moon” by EM. That’s what I announced. Oh well; “Perastra” is a perfectly good song. Maybe through the magic of technology, we can just edit this show, slip “LOTM” right in there, and no one will be the wiser!

I’d like to dedicate this show to John Inman-Zanita.

show 179 – Laurel Lee

Super good + super nice = Laurel Lee and her band, the Escapees. Turns out she was one of the founding DJ’s on KPSU back in the day. Very cool!

Here’s the playlist; in the mad dash to get the band set up and going, I think I neglected to recap the songs. 🙂

Erin McKeown – Cosmopolitans – Grand (Nettwerk)
Aimee Mann – Calling It Quits – Bachelor No. 2 (Superego)
Laurel Lee – I Don’t Want To But I Can

Laurel Lee live set:
       Not That Kind Of Friend
       Sugar On The Side
       Maybe He Died
       Sing Me To Sleep
       Writing On The Wall
       I’ll Smoke

Tracy Shedd – Circles
Susie Blue – Big Head – Sink EP (Sinking Ship)
Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright – Ode To A Friend
Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

I’d like to take this opportunity to say hi to John N. Anaheim.

show 173 – Ben Bochner

This is Todd again.

I have a confession to make; I didn’t know of Ben Bochner before the show. All my Google searches turned up nothin’. So I was pleasantly surprised by what a nice and accomodating guy he is, and a total professional (not to mention a really cool songwriter!). I think Ben’s going to do well here. Chicago doesn’t know what it’s missing.

(Note to self: “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” is my favorite song to end the show with, but I’ve done that a few times now, so it’s probably time to find an alternative.)

Here’s the playlist:

Crystin Byrd – Shadow – My Silence (self)
John Vecchiarelli – To The Brim – Songs From Whoville (Speck)
Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright – Dragon Fly
Susie Blue – Slip – Sink (Sinking Ship)

Ben Bochner live:
       Food Chain
       Bobby Just Got Out Of Jail (false start)
       Faller’s Girl
       Everybody’s Ass Is Up For Grabs

John Wesley Harding – When The Beatles Hit America (dedicated to Thuy)
Ben Folds – Give Judy My Notice
Mia Doi Todd – Digital
Beck & Jon Brion – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime – “Eternal Sunshine” s.t.

Thanks to all those who pledged to HCW and KPSU!

I’d like to give a shout out to John N. Dallas.

show 172 – Justin Power

Hi, everybody; this is Todd. As I’m writing this, it’s about 2:30 a.m, and it’s warm and beautifully rainy outside. I love the smell and sound of rain in the middle of the night; I guess I’m a Portlander at heart.

Wow. Fun show today! Justin was great, and the show flew by. I felt a little nervous–doing my first interview, live performance, AND pledge drive, all at the same time–but I felt like the show had a good flow overall. Justin’s a really nice guy, and if you have a chance to see him live, you really should do so. He makes it look effortless, and his songs are beautiful.

Here’s the playlist:

E – Hello Cruel World – A Man Called E (Polydor)
Crystin Byrd – Please Let Me – My Silence (self-released)
Elliott Smith – Angeles – Either/Or (Kill Rock Stars)

Justin Power live:
       Smoldering Matchstick
       Needle Spin
       You Are A Statue
       Before History Was Born

Aimee Mann – She Really Wants You – The Forgotten Arm (Superego)
Michael Penn – Walter Reed – Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947 (forthcoming)
Marty Willson-Piper – Will I Start To Bleed – Spirit Level (Rykodisc)
Fredo Viola – Our Lips Are Sealed – Fredo Compilation (self)

And if I may, I’d like to give a shout out to Jawninottawa!

show 154 – super extend-o tawd!


In addition to hosting HCW, I also hosted the two-hour show that’s on right before it. It’s a lot of jazz, world music, and very eclectic. (If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard it.) So that was fun. I did the jazz and world thing for a bit, then gradually (no, abruptly!) morphed into the usual HCW thing at some point.

I’m so glad John let me host the show these last couple of weeks. I’m a fan of the show, and I would be even if I weren’t friends with the host. 🙂 It’s been really fun to bring a slightly different spin to it, and I’m totally honored that he chose me instead of one of the actual KPSU hosts who could have done it.

So here’s the super-extendo play list, which includes this show, and the part of the previous show where I made the switch.

World Party – She’s The One – Egyptology (Chrysalis)
Beck (with Jon Brion) – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime – “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” Soundtrack

Lucienne Delyle – Mon Amant De Saint Jean – Les Grandes Dames Du Music-Hall (EPM)
Charles Trenet – Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours – Les Plus Grandes Chansons Des Annees 40 (EPM)
Jon Brion – Ruin My Day – Meaningless (self)
Aimee Mann – Deathly – Bachelor No. 2 (SuperEgo)

Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .? – A Small Part Of Something Beautiful (self)
Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost – Hips And Makers (Warner)
Michael Penn – Out Of My Hands – Resigned (Sony)
Cori Teeple – Captain – demo (self)

Erin McKeown – Cosmopolitans – Grand! (Nettwerk)

HCW: (If you joined us at the regular time, starting here is what you heard)

Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)
A.C. Newman – On The Table – The Slow Wonder (Matador)
John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (Speck)
Chris Martin – Yellow (solo live piano version) – Sounds Eclectic Too (KCRW/Palm)
Chris Moore – Constellation – Figurines (Waterbug)

Rebecca Pearcy – Constellation – Constellation (Yoyo)
Crystin Byrd – Windows Down – My Silence (forthcoming)
Fiona Apple – Better Version Of Me – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)
Chris Colbourn – Bad Little Bird – Split 7″ (Vital Cog)

Lara Michell – Petals – demo (self)
Mia Doi Todd – Digital – The Golden State (Sony)
Deb Talan – Rocks And Water – A Bird Flies Out (self)
Tracy Chapman – Almost – Let It Rain (Elektra)

Aimee Mann – Calling It Quits – Bachelor No. 2 (SuperEgo)

Merry Christmas!

show 153 – tawd brings the rawk

Don’t let John’s suaveness and debonair on-air persona fool you. Radio shows are tough! You have to plan sometimes three steps ahead, with setting up songs to play, running commercials, and all that. In addition, it’s good to sound relaxed and have things to say when you need to say them. There’s a lot of juggling going on all the time.

Extra special thanks to John for allowing me to bring the rawk while he’s on a Disney cruise, partying with Belle and Sleeping Beauty. And yes, he WAS partying with Belle and Sleeping Beauty. Dude. . .hook me up. . .? Belle c’est tres francaise, non? Elle est mon favourite. (?) Non, je ne parlez pas francais. OK, I’m done. 🙂
Here’s the playlist:

Dan Bern – City of Models – Smartie Mine (self)
Vienna Teng – Harbor – Warm Strangers (Virt)
Joanna Newsom – The Book Of Right-On – The Milk-Eyed Mender (Drag City)
Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine – Extraordinary Machine (unreleased)

Ed Harcourt – Born In The 70’s – Strangers (Heavenly/EMI)
Jon Brion – Trouble – Meaningless (self)
Cori Temple – Captain – demo (self)
Erin McKeown – Cosmopolitans – Grand! (Nettwerk)

The Infamous Local Set:
Jacob Ray – Do I Dare. . .? – A Small Part Of Something Beautiful (self)
Crystin Byrd – Windows Down – My Silence (forthcoming)
Lara Michell – Petals (forthcoming)
John Vecchiarelli – No Ordinary Life – Songs From Whoville (Speck)

John Vecchiarelli – To The Brim – Songs from Whoville (Speck) (cut)
Deb Talan – Rocks And Water – A Bird Flies Out (self)

I had a great time doing the show, and I can’t wait to do another. Oh yeah. . .next week! I’ll also be filling in on the show before HCW too, so tune in for a Double Shot of Tawd Rawk, if you’re so inclined.