It’s official: HELLO CRUEL WORLD moving to XRAY!

Hello Cruel World moves to XRAY.FM beginning Saturday, September 20th.

Timeslot is Saturdays 8-9am, right before the syndicated WFMU-based “Greasy Kid Stuff” program.

My first guest will be NYC singer/songwriter Matt Keating.

Thanks very much to XRAY and to the Program Review Committee (Aaron, James, Ellene, Maryam).

See you on XRAY, set your alarms!

here’s the fall schedule

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a nice summer. Mine was a nice mix of home and away, projects and leisurely time. But summer is fading away, and here comes fall, and with it a packed schedule of musical guests!

17 Sept — Casey Neill
24 Sept — I’m out of town
1 Oct — Michael The Blind
15 Oct — Rachel Taylor Brown
22 Oct — Cotton
29 Oct — Small Souls
5 Nov — Laurel Brauns
12 Nov — Little Sue
19 Nov — Ezza Rose

I’m very excited, and I hope you’ll find time to tune in. 107.1 FM, Saturdays from 4-6pm. –JBJ

summer calendar

Quoth Alice Cooper: “School’s out for summer!” Hope you have a great one!

Here’s what Hello Cruel World is cookin’ up for the summer of 2011:

June 11th – PDX Pop Now Special
June 18th – Mid-Year review (with special guest Michael Keefe)
June 25th – Lewi Longmire
July 2nd – Carley Baer
July 9th – Quiet Life
July 16th – out of town
July 23rd – Rachel Taylor Brown
July 30th – Adrienne of Autopilot Is For Lovers

calendar for the rest of april

Apr 16th – Brooke Parrott, Scott McCaughey
Apr 30th – The Ravishers, Pete Ekstam

(I’m leaving town for Easter, HCW will still air 4/23: no guests, and it’s pre-recorded. It’s a pseudo greatest hits of the past 4 months on 107.1 FM.)

I’m starting to book for May, Alina Hardin is booked for the 21st and Norman is almost confirmed at this point. Stay tuned!

April Announcements

Thanks for tuning in to the new Hello Cruel World on KZME! After 3 months I’m finally starting to get my “sea legs” at the new KMHD2 studios. I’m looking forward to bringing you more Portland acoustic talent in the coming months. Here is a calendar for April:

April 9th – Alameda
April 16th – Brooke Parrott
April 23rd – I’m out of town for Easter
April 30th – The Ravishers

Hello Cruel World is now on Facebook at Follow us over there for a more community-like environment.

Finally, I wanted to mention Hello Cruel World’s YouTube channel. In the past week I’ve added 3 or 4 new performances taken from the show. Go check it out! Thanks!

video video

As part of the new “Hello Cruel World”, I’ve been setting my little camera up at KMHD2 to try to capture some of the artist performances. I’m uploading these to youtube as I get them finished. If you enjoy any of these, you may want to subscribe to my youtube channel so that you’ll be notified when new ones are uploaded.

It is

Here’s a sample video. Chris “Sandman” Sand rapping about all of his keychains. The session took place on January 8th, 2011.

Site Update Sept 2006

Over dinner last week, someone asked me about this website. “Do you ever update it?”

I had to admit that I don’t. Hello Cruel World ended November 13, 2005 with its 200th show.

But I do think about HCW – often. A few months ago, I spotted a local songwriter coming out of the grocery store. She had been a guest on my show once, but I could not recall her name. It bothered me for days (I’ve since remembered – hey Tamara J!), and really hit home how lost and out of touch I’ve felt since I ended things last fall.

I do plan on updating things here a bit more regularly. I have plans for the future, and I want to better document the 200 shows of Hello Cruel World via this website. My first little project is to create some playlist statistics for the show using Google’s new online spreadsheets.

2005 Playlist Statistics (in progress)

I hope to eventually do stats for all four years, and then a sum of all the years. It will be interesting to me to see which artists got the most play on HCW.

I also plan to create a Flickr account for HCW to document the show’s history via photos.

Finally, once I get my cd’s and home studio unpacked and put together, I plan on creating a couple of podcasts. Hopefully I can get one done before year’s end.

That’s all for now. If you listened to the show, thanks very much. If you still visit the site hoping for a glimpse of activity, it’s here (though it’ll mostly be nostalgic in nature).

Update: Flickr account created! One pic for now (hey Johnny K!) and more as I find them (on hard drives, floppies, etc.)

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Goodbye Cruel World

Two more shows left:

06 November – Rachel Taylor Brown
13 November – John Vecchiarelli

Please come to the “Goodbye To Hello Cruel World” party at the White Eagle (836 N Russell here in Portland) on Sunday, November 13th. Show IS FREE, starts at 8pm, and will feature some of my favorite local singer/songwriters:

John Vecchiarelli
Jaime & Becky
Lara Michell
Casey Neill
Super XX Man

It will be a very special way to end the radio show (hosted for over 4 years by KPSU) – thanks to John Vecc for setting it up. Hope to see you there!

half the way there

Eight Hello Cruel World shows left! Here’s the list of upcoming guests for the next four:

25 Sep – Callers (duo from Providence, RI)
02 Oct – Treva Blomquist (from Nashville, TN)
09 Oct – Chad Bault
16 Oct – Dennis Hitchcox

I’m really looking forward to these — I hope you’ll join me!

One last announcement: I now have the Randy Kaplan in-studio from August 24th available for download. This is the original uncut version (I cut out quite a bit for the Hello Cruel World broadcast — there wasn’t enough time to air it all).

Randy Kaplan live on KPSU – August 24, 2005


Podcast now available from iTunes!

Well, that’s a bit misleading. What I mean to say is that you can now configure iTunes (or any other podcasting program) to download Hello Cruel World automagically.

Thanks to the same masterminds who brought you the KPSU archives, you can now subscribe to the Hello Cruel World podcast via RSS feed.

Here’s how: Launch iTunes, and in the menus up top go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast. In the dialog box that pops up, paste in the following URL:

That’s all there is to it! iTunes will now download Hello Cruel World whenever there is a new show available. (You should go into the iTunes prefs and set up your downloading prefs.)