another month of sundays

This Sunday there is no guest — I’ll be playing DJ for a full hour. Expect to hear recent tracks from John Hiatt, Loudon Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Laura Cantrell, and an acoustic track from Erin McKeown

Here is the lineup for August and into September:

14 August — no guest = album cuts (email me with requests)
21 August — Alan Kanning (hosted by Todd C. Bayles)
28 August — Alison Wesley, Randy Kaplan
04 September — Johnny Keener, Rachel Ries
11 September — Jeremy Serwer

One last bit of news before I go: the KPSU archives are now ginormous! The station has purchased additional storage space for their servers and you’ll now find over 3 weeks of archived programming on the archive page. Here are links to four editions of Hello Cruel World currently available. Get ’em before they scroll away!

17 Jul 2005 – show 183 feat Alexa Wiley
24 Jul 2005 – show 184 feat Blackwood Hymnal
31 Jul 2005 – show 185 feat Mica Lee Williams
07 Aug 2005 – show 186 feat Tony Barber

indoor fireworks – an unheard broadcast

A few weeks back, I pre-recorded a show that was going to air during 4th of July weekend. Due to some technical glitches with the station’s minidisc player, it never aired. I thought I would make it available here on the website. Here is the playlist:

Kristin Hersh – Hysterical Bending – Just Say Roe (Sire)
Ani DiFranco – Wish I May – To The Teeth (Righteous Babe)
Stephan Smith – World To Come – Slash And Burn
Elvis Costello – Indoor Fireworks – King Of America (Rhino)
Jaime & Becky – You Without Me – Jaime Y Becky (self)

Erin McKeown – Life On The Moon – We Will Become Like Birds (Nettwerk)
Randy Kaplan – Little Bee – Perfect Gentleman (self)
Redbird – Patience – Redbird (Signature Sounds)
Jesse Fuller – San Francisco Bay Blues –

Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone – Highway 61 Revisited (Columbia)
Robyn Hitchcock – She Was You – Spooked 2-Track Bonus Disc (YepRoc)
Alana Davis – The Reaper – Tigress (self)

Download the mp3 here. I hope you enjoy it!

show 175 – Jenni Alpert

We had some technical glitches tonight – thanks to those who called to alert us. Thanks to Jenni for being a trooper, and for giving good interview.

Here’s how the night progressed:

Anne McCue – I Want You Back – Roll (Messenger)
Crystin Byrd – Elsewhere – My Silence (self)
Kathleen Edwards – The Lone Wolf – Failer (Zoe)
Jenni Alpert – Baltimore – Pieces (self)

Jenni Alpert in-studio:
       All The Nothings
       Tell Me Why (Neil Young cover)

Jenni Alpert – Heaven – Pieces (self)

Loudon Wainwright III – Cobwebs – Live on KGSR Volume 4

I’m still editing the podcast, but you can hear what the KPSU Archivebot captured here (its only the first 20 minutes or so – it was having its own technical glitches I guess)

Update: I’ve finished digitizing the podcast. Its at a lower bitrate (80kbps), which I think will make most of you happier. Email me if you have opinions about ideal bitrate for this type of podcast.

Click here to download Show 175.

show 174 – 20 Minute Loop

We don’t usually have bands on the show, but in the case of 20 Minute Loop I will happily make an exception!

Here’s what got played:

Mike Doughty – From The Bottom Of A Well – Haughty Melodic (ATO)
Jill Sobule – Mom – (self)
Be Good Tanyas – Rowdy Blues – Chinatown (Nettwerk)
20 Minute Loop – Cora May – Yawn + House = Explosion (self)

20 Minute Loop live:
       Miriam Hopkins
       Carlos The Jackal
       Our William Tell

20 Minute Loop – I’ll Never Forget You (Husker Du cover) – Yawn + House = Explosion

Pamela Means – Two Halves – Single Bullet Theory (self)

The KPSU archive-bot had some problems last week, so I’m making the podcast of tonight’s show available here. Enjoy!

show 160 – Greg Oldson

WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE (for a crime that he did not commit).

I’m referring of course to the mug shot above (I really need to learn how to take candids), but also to Greg’s song “Mean Old Man”, which he graced us with tonight.

There is a podcast of (most of) tonight’s show available here. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can download the mp3 here.

Casey Neill – Memory Against Forgetting – Memory Against Forgetting (AK Press / Daemon)
Billy Bragg – Pict Song – William Bloke (Elektra)
Kristin Hersh – Panic Pure (Vic Chesnutt cover) — Sweet Relief II (Columbia)
Brown Brothers – Bellman’s Song – Songs From The Lost Generation (Treehorn)

Greg Oldson live;
        Honey Where Can I Get Me Some Of That Slack
        Mean Old Man
        I’m On To Heaven

Mike Doughty – Down On The River By The Sugar Plant – Rockity Roll EP (RKO)
Mia Doi Todd – Digital – The Golden State (Sony)
Seu Jorge – Rebel Rebel – Life Aquatic Soundtrack (Hollywood)

Podcast #2

As a going away present (I’m leaving for 10 days; Todd is filling in while I’m gone) I have uploaded a portion of the most recent show (show152) for your aural enjoyment.

I’m only posting a portion because a) I don’t really have time to digitize and edit the entire thing, and b) I noticed with the first podcast that there were alot of incomplete downloads. It was a complete show, encoded at a fairly high bitrate – I think once people realized how freakin huge the file was (50+ mb) they gave up.

This mp3 is much more manageable. 17mb, and still sounds pretty good. Encoded at 96kbps and features all songs up to John Vecchiarelli’s “No Ordinary Life” (including a bonus track we played before the 5 o clock ID)

Show 152 excerpt